Prepping for Outboard Bottom Skins

Now that the inboard bottom skins are done, I need to finalize a few things before I can rivet on the outboard bottom skins. The following items need to be completed:

  •  prime skins
  • wire up autopilot servo
  • install and wire up pitot heat regulator
  • prime and install access covers (optional)
The good news is that if I can get one wing done, that buys me time for the other side. The big job was wiring up the autopilot service. I had done the practice, and  started work last post, so it was time to finish the connector.

Next up was priming the skins themselves. It was a quick task with no hiccups. The usual clean, etch, tack cloth, and prime.

With the access covers on, the right wing wiring complete, and the holidays behind us, it’s going to be time to start the outboard bottom skins. I still need to install and wire up pitot heat regulator, but that can be deferred until the right wing is complete. Sam and I have a long Saturday reserved at the end of the week to kick it off. Until then… Happy Building!

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