Hobbs Meter

Below is a breakdown of hours organized in a couple different ways. Currently it only logs my hours (if you’re curious about how I log my hours, check out this musing about how I log hours). I am keeping track of any crew hours that are put in (as noted by the “Build Crew” section of a post), but I haven’t had the time to write the code to break that out yet. Eventually it’ll be fun to see the overall breakdown of hours across the crew.

Hours by Top-Level Category
Empennage 37
Research 19.4
Workshop 106.2
Wings 494.8
Tools 29.5
TOTAL 686.9 hours
Hours by Month - Year
January-2023 10.1
December-2022 30.1
November-2022 15.7
October-2022 4.5
September-2022 9.7
August-2022 26
July-2022 93.4
June-2022 39.8
May-2022 18.1
April-2022 20.4
March-2022 37.6
February-2022 32.6
January-2022 87.4
December-2021 53.4
November-2021 43.8
October-2021 73.6
September-2021 76.7
August-2021 47.4
July-2021 29.5
June-2021 2
March-2021 37.6
November-2020 0.1
October-2020 7.6
July-2020 0.2
TOTAL 797.3