October Update

Build Crew:



October was another tough month of not-great-news coming out of Van’s. It looks like they are having cash issues and need to be heads down figuring out how they restructure to continue existing. This obviously creates a bit of stress for me trying to keep motivated while worrying about if there will even be a company around to support my build (let alone the remaining kits I need from them). Never-the-less, I’ve decided to keep on moving forward with the build. This month was quite low in hours (6.6 total), but With help from Sam and Nico we were able to get through the rest of the right inboard bottom skin. At times it was a real pain trying to figure out how to get our arms in the wing in a way to buck the rivets cleanly, but after many iterations (and many drilled out rivets) we got it done. This motivated me to get going on the wiring as I only have the left inboard bottom skin stopping that from being the critical path item for progress. I practiced some CAN bus wiring splices with the intention of getting it done on the wing sometime soon. I’ve also been working on a wiring diagram to make sure I know how everything will get wired up and help me determine what specifically to pull through the conduit. Below are some photos from the month.

Well that’s October. Still not a lot of momentum due to all the bad news coming out of Van’s, but it’s something. November I’d like to get through the left inboard bottom skin, and maybe start on the outboard skins? Until then… happy building!

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