LG Box Assembly continued

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Had a great couple sessions and made a lot of progress on the LG Box Assemblies. In the first session, I mostly spent my time bolting on weldments, match drilling, and unbolting. Once all the match drilling I needed was done, I attached WD-813-1 permanently by torquing down the AN3-5A bolts to 25 in-lbs. The only challenge was actually on the other weldment (WD-822-1). The  weldment was interfering with the middle bolt/nut assembly. I resolved this with a combination of reshaping the washers & nuts, and taking just a bit of material off of the weldment itself. I’m not sure if it was just a tolerance issue in the manufacturing of the weldment? but the solution is adequate for moving on. 

For the next session, Sam came over and we actually spent most of our time finishing up the rivets that I deferred on both the fwd floor assembly and firewall. This is a big deal as it allows the start of final assembly of the fwd fuselage structure. Although a lot of work was done, we were so entrenched in the work, that I failed to take a bunch of pictures.

You can see that as a ceremonial final step in the day we mounted the LG boxes to the fwd floor assembly. It’s starting to look like more than just a bunch of random assemblies! Next up will be filling out the rivets on the WD-822-1 box weldment (outboard weldment), and then attaching the boxes to the floor permanently! Until then… Happy Building!

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