LG Box Assembly

In this quick session I assembled the Left LG Box Bulkhead and then moved on to the Box Webs for both sides. The key to the speed was the squeezer. Getting creative with how I accessed the rivets I was able to squeeze every rivet within the LG boxes. There is a specific squeezer head you need to be able to do this, but luckily I had it already.

The completed LG boxes looked great! Up on the table you can see the shape of the fuselage start to come together. Before I wrapped up the session, I just played around with the inboard weldments to get a feel for the next steps.

Next up will be installing the WD-813-1 Box Weldments permanently with bolts. Should be fun! Until then… Happy Building!


  1. Which squeezer yoke did you use for this? Is it the longeron yolk? I will need to get one to build mine! I’m thinking of getting the Numatz squeezer. Do you think it is overkill and that a pneumatic one is sufficient? Great progress! Good to see.

    1. Hey Ade, I used the squeezer that is part of the Cleveland tool set for the RV-8. I can’t give enough praise of how great that tool is. That Numatx looks pretty cool. I think a few other builders use it. The key for all the weird rivet squeezes is the yoke type so definitely spend the money to get a variety of them. In this case I used the yoke that has the flange cut out. Good luck with your build!

  2. Paolo

    Thanks for the reply. You are way ahead of me, the rest of my kit arrives next week!

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