Fwd Floor & LG Box Assembly

Build Crew:



Over the past couple of sessions Sam and I got going on the Fwd Floor Assembly riveting. This was a combination of squeezing and back riveting, but definitely not as challenging as the firewall. Note in the pictures the extent I would go to to find a way to squeeze rivets. It is SOOOOO much better.

I ended up finishing the fwd floor assembly in a future session as Sam needed to head out. I continued to work on the Landing Gear (LG) assemblies. With the squeezer already set up, it made for an easy switch over. Pay attention to what rivets you squeeze. There are a lot of call outs for not riveting at this time. I hopefully caught most of them!

With the Right LG Box bulkheads riveted, I had a good sense of what it was going to take to finish up the left side. That’ll be the next sessions…hopefully I can complete the LG Boxes and start working on the final Fwd Fuselage Assembly! Until then… Happy Building!

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