LG Box Riveting

Build Crew:



The last few sessions have been great progress on the LG Box assembly. It started with riveting the WD-822-1 weldments. I was able to squeeze the top section, but had to use the gun for the lower half. There is an outboard row that I wasn’t successfully able to do solo, so I decided to wait for some help before proceeding.

Jack came down for the next session to get the outboard rows complete. We also drilled out a few rivets that I wanted to redo. I initially thought that I needed to use the offset riveter for the outboard rows, but when I had someone else with the bucking bar, it was doable with the straight set. We were able to get done with the outboard rows fairly quick, and so we moved on to riveting the boxes onto the floor assembly. This was an exciting moment as the fuselage structure started to come together.

So, what do you do with a piece that starts to look like an actual fuselage section? Airplane noises of course!

So Fun!! In preparation for next step, my last quick session was final size drill the braces and throttle quadrant mount. Next up will be priming the braces for final mounting. Until then…Happy Building!

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