Left Tank Inboard Rib

Getting close! With this evening’s session I can see the baffle closure on the horizon! In fact, I believe with one more session I should be able to wrap up prep before I seal up the left tank!! I started off the session with some inboard rib prep, cleaning all the parts with MEK. The inboard rib includes both the T-710 doubler as well as the tank attach angle T-705. These both need to be sandwiched with sealant, which causes a bit of a problem since you can’t install the attach angle until after the rib is riveted on. To help align these two parts, the Van’s video shows a trick of using two rivets flush riveted between the rib and the T-710 doubler to hold it in place. Then after the rib is riveted, you can attach the T-705 attach angle. 

After the rib was in, I did final install of the fuel vent fitting with sealant.  I used a torque wrench with crow’s foot to get the torque setting right. From the research I saw, a max of 110 in-lbs should be used. I used 105 to be safe.

Next session my goal is to get the fuel sender fitted and tested on the tank access cover. After that…it’s baffle time!! Until next time, Happy Building!

Bonus Material!

My hangar neighbors have been building an RV-7 for a couple of years, and they are so close to first flight. I’ve had a chance to help a few times and I look forward to seeing their first flights. Good luck Paul and Kacy on the last steps towards first flight!

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