Fuel Tank Rib Install #2

Over the past few days I got two sessions in, each allowing a single rib install. Still going smooth, and not much to report. Definitely getting easier, but the time it takes is still pretty long. I’ve gotten a little better with the bucking bar, but with all the proseal acting as a liquid lubricant, it is  difficult to keep it square. By using the rib webbing as a brace, I seem to be getting better square shop heads. I’m also getting the wounds to prove it. My thumb gets trapped under the bucking bar every so often and am forming a nice blood blister from the pinching. I’m sure it won’t be the last of the bodily sacrifices..:). 

Below are a few images from the two ribs installed (total of 3 in the left tank so far). As I’ve mentioned before, there aren’t many in progress photos because as soon as I start, I have a set time before the sealant becomes unusable. Not to mention I am generally trying not to touch anything to avoid proseal everywhere. Tomorrow I start the long dedicated build day, and I’m hoping to get through all of the left tank intermediate ribs, and at least a couple of the right tanks. I’ll be glad to get this done, but I definitely feel like the anticipation of the work was much worse than the actual work. Until next time, Happy Building!

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