Fuel Tank Ribs Prep

Super quick post here. Sunday was a day of kids and professional sports. Exciting basketball game for Nico (they won by 1!), and the Niners pulled off an overtime win. Because of the rain, the rest of the day was essentially a lazy afternoon, and through all of it I was able to accomplish ALL the fuel tank rib prep. The process was essentially the same as the wing rib prep. Straighten the flanges to 90˚, and then flute the ribs until the holes are straight. I started out using the mason string technique, but with the leading edge ribs it is much harder than the main ribs. So I just used the table as a guide for straightening, and then verified visually. It was pretty quick this time around and I’m pretty happy with the results. There is still a little twist, but I’m not sure there is much to be done there. It will straighten up when I put it in the skin. Below are some basic pictures. Next up will be tank skin fitting! Until then, Happy Building!

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