Tank Stiffener Fabrication

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So…..turns out that Wing Walk Doubler debacle I was complaining about a while ago (missing parts, bad documentation, etc)…well….I found the prefabricated part below a pile of other parts. It turns out the part W-727-1 was on the packing slip, but I didn’t know to look for that part number when I did my search previously. Its funny that I found the part 2 days after Sam and I completed the fabrication from scratch. The good news is that we built a pretty good copy of the part, but I decided to swap out for the facture made parts anyway. I doubt it’s the last time I’ll do work that ends up being throw away. oh well!

whoops! Parts were here all along.

After fixing that little mistake, I got to the business of the evening, fabricating all the tank stiffeners. An old colleague and good friend, Matt, came down to hang out, and generously donated some time to the project. We decided to split up the work, and I did the rough cutting of the stiffeners (from the T-711 Bundles) while Matt worked the scotchbrite wheel to do final shaping and deburring. 

After an hour of teamwork, and a good burrito, Matt had to go, and I took a couple more hours to complete the rest of the stiffeners. Next up is tank skin fitting…should be fun!

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