Attach Angle Fix and Baffle Fitting

I was super excited to get the baffle (rear wall of the fuel tank) on to the attach angles, and with all the work the boys and I had done last night, I thought it was going to be a cinch. I reviewed the instructions and went start the relatively straightforward task of aligning holes, and cleco’ing together the parts. But there was one problem. None of the holes on the baffle lined up with the attach angle holes. Un oh. No matter which way I oriented the baffle, I could not get the holes to line up. Finally I went back to the plans to review whether I missed something. Well…I did. I managed to install the brackets completely backwards! I’m not sure if it was because I was distracted with the kids, or if I just read the plans wrong, but they were definitely backwards. And not just one of them….all of them. Easy enough, since they are bolted on, a quick session, and I was able to reverse all the brackets. 

tank baffles will eventually cover the rear of the fuel tank
holes would just not line up!
duh! reversed all the brackets.

Once everything was reversed, the rest was easy. The holes lined up perfectly, and I was able to cleco on the baffles in no time. Below are some photos of the baffles in place.

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