Main Spar Prep #7: K1000-4 nutplates

After a long weekend away enjoying my boys play volleyball, i wanted to sneak in an hour before I went off to a softball game of my own. The task was relatively straight forward. I installed the 2 nutplates on the inboard front side of each main spar. first nutplate I installed, I actually bucked, and it didn’t turn out great (overly flat). After drilling it out, I bucked it cleaner the second time around. I was a bit nervous about drilling out and making it worse, but by working slowly and carefully it was a solid rivet removal.

After finishing the main left spar I realized that I might be able to squeeze those rivets. turns out with my 3″ yoke, it just barely worked. Wow was it easier. Although it was fun to practice the flush riveting, I’ll remember to always check if I can possibly do something with the squeezer before reverting to buck riveting.

With time running out, I set up my cross vice and located the material needed to create the W-726 tie-down spacers. I’ll get going on that tomorrow hopefully.

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