Van’s toolbox practice kits #2

Build Crew:



Today we spent a good 3 hours at the hangar, but with the boys around, it was more about their projects than progress on the plane. I’ve decided to split the posts into two so I can categorize the hours correctly (yes, i know..a little OCD). Both should be pretty short.

Both boys are essentially in the same spot, working on the hinge and lid. Giacomo worked on match drilling, deburring, and dimpling the hinge while Nico completed his dimpling and then moved on to riveting the hinge to both the lid and backside of the box. It was fun to see the boys helping each other out. Besides minor direction, and setting the squeezer, the boys did most of the work on their own. Giacomo also did some solo time on the bandsaw (monitored from afar of course!)

By the end of the night, both boys had made significant progress. Nico completed riveting the hinge, while Giacomo got half way through. Getting close to two completed toolboxes!


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