Main Spar Prep #5: Countersinking continued

Tonight I was able to get the tank skin countersinking on the left main spar, and half way through the right main spar. I also was able to borrow a thin nosed yoke from a fellow building couple Paul & Casey. It was fun to visit their plane..they are within a couple months of putting the wings on their project. What a journey!

One thing I discovered watching a youtube video was the use of the deburring tool to deepen a countersink slightly. Timing was perfect as I didn’t want to reset my countersink cage, and in a few of these rivet locations, there was just a sliver deeper that I needed. I have a feeling I’ll be using that technique often.


The remainder of the night was uneventful countersinking. I found that if I started a countersink, cleared out the hole and cage with an air gun, and then finished the countersink, I got much more consistent depth than trying to do it all at once. Lots of shavings once again!

Next Session I hope to wrap up countersinks for the tank skins, and do the access panel countersinks as well. This would be nice to get done before leaving for a kids volleyball tournament this weekend. Crossing my fingers!

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