’twas the night before….

Build Crew:



I’m pretty pumped. It’s been over 20 years since I took the first serious step towards building a plane, a year since I took the plunge and purchased the preview plans for the RV-8, 6 months since the build in Oregon, and 5 months since I secured Hangar 11. And tomorrow the wing kit finally arrives. It’s cliché, but it definitely feels like the night before Christmas! Nico and I ran down the hangar to do some final clean up. I brought home some more wood working tools. We moved a bunch of extra material into the loft, and cleared the shelving to provide room for parts.

We also unboxed an exhaust fan to be used with the paint booth, and took a look at the toolbox kit. Hopefully Nico and I will build that soon.

I’ve decided to take tomorrow off and enjoy an afternoon of inventorying! Time to get some sleep.

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