air system, delivery date, countdown!

Delivery Date Scheduled!

It’s actually happening. This Friday my wing should be arriving sometime between 9am and noon. I’ve decided to take the day off and just enjoy the experience of receiving, inventorying, and gawking at all the parts I’m going to somehow assemble into two wings. Unfortunately, the shippers forgot to stop by Synergy Air to pick up my empennage feathers, so I’ll have to figure out another way to get those down here. No big deal….right now it’s all about final prep for the wing kit to come.

air system build #4

With the parts I needed finally arriving, I could complete the installation of the air system. I needed two very specific 90˚ connectors for each of the regulators that I purchased. It took a while, but with these parts I was able to complete the the air system.  On the East wall, there was no backing for mounting the coupler, so I used drywall anchors. Im not sure happy how secure it is, so I imagine at some point I’ll re-work that. In the end, I was able to put two nice wall air couplers with regulators and water separators in convenient places for the work. I’m looking forward to use the system soon!

One of the system setups that I wasn’t sure would work was plumbing an air line from the wall to a 3 port mini npt manifold from Cleaveland Tools. Those mini npt ports allow use of super light weight and short (10′) hoses directly at the table. By routing the wall line up the leg of the workshop table, it minimizes the hoses laying around the shop. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Woodworking, bye bye!


I read in one of the forums that when you start to take your woodworking tools out of the shop, you are finally ready to start the build. Tonight I started that process. I don’t think I need my huge framing gun or palm nailer anymore, so home they come! It’s time to clear space for all the new stuff coming and it’s time they get out of the shop! Bye bye, woodworking, hello metal work! Wing kit, here we come!!

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