phone holder practice kit

Now that I have a back rivet plate on one of my workbenches, I got back to the phone holder practice kit. After reading through the instructions it looked like a pretty fun project. I was going to do some reaming, match drilling, deburring (on the wheel and with the hand tool), dimpling, edge rolling, flush riveting, and back riveting! I think the only thing I didn’t do is cut any metal. As small of a project as it was, it was a great practice kit, and only took about 2 hours to get done.

There are very few items in this kit, but it’s designed to give you a taste of everything that you need to do. It started with peeling, marking, and deburring the edges. After reaming the holes out to #40 size and match drilling some additional holes, I deburred everything using my quick deburr tool. First uses of a lot of my tools!

I used the edge roller (first time!) to make sure the two center pieces of the phone holder stay tight, and then I dimpled everything. The kit recommends you do some dimpling in your DRDT-2, and others using the squeezer to simulate skin and substructure dimpling. I was able to use the dimple die I got from Synergy Air which allows you to use a dimple to enlarge the #40 holes to final size without need to final drill. In hindsight I realize that means I didn’t need to do the drilling, but it was still fun to practice.

For final steps I back riveted the backing plates together, and then squeeze riveted everything else. Definitely a learning curve on both, and got my first bad rivet (which allowed me to try my rivet remover tool), as well as now know what a “smiley face” is.

The finished product was fun to build, and will stay on my workshop bench to remind me of the first thing I built in that shop. I want to get the light kit and tool boxes done this week,  but we’ll see how it goes!

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