air system build #3 and misc tasks

Well the Giants beat the Dodgers to win the 3-game series, the season series, and re-take sole posession of the best record in baseball. It’s going to be a grind out to the end of the season! It made for a much more enjoyable build session when my team is playing well.

Today I really started to feel the pressure of getting things finalized. Primarily the air system. I’m assuming the wing kit will arrive this week (hopefully I can schedule delivery for later in the week to buy me some more time), so the sense of urgency to complete the last few projects is getting elevated. Before getting to the air system I wanted to finish up a few miscellaneous tasks that I’d been putting off.


FIrst I wanted to wrap up the power tool work bench. This required cutting and installing the shelving, and bolting down the machines. A quick trip down to Home Depot took care of most of the parts I would need. A cool thing I discovered was these kits for a give bolt size that provides everything you need to instal it. Washers, lock washers, and nuts. You just supply the bolts and you’re ready to go! Looking forward to using these tools often now that they are properly secured.

Next I painted the caulking Jess put in yesterday. There was a little cracking on the caulking which is to be expected with such a large gap, but For the most part I was able to hide them well with the painting. The corner looks so much better now!

In one of the previous posts I showed the vibration issue occurring when I turned on the grinder. I picked up some “heavy duty vibration dampeners” from Home Depot. I think they are really for air compressors, but it worked great to solve the major vibrations.

Once all those small things were out of the way, I got back to the business of installing the air system. I decided to run an extra line overhead one of the joists, so if I want to install an overhead reel line, the plumbing would already be in place. 

There are a few parts I’m missing so I wasn’t able to install all the regulators, but I was able to cap each open end off with a ball valve. Before I started cleaning up, I pressurized the system to 50 PSI to see if there were any leaks. 30 minutes later, it was still at 50 PSI!! I decided to charge the system up to the full 150 PSI and leave it overnight. I’ll go check in the morning how the system did. Here’s a video of a final walk through of the air lines.

Tomorrow I should get the parts needed to install a couple of the outlets near my workbenches. I still haven’t ordered the reel hose yet. That will probably happen this week. I’m looking forward to getting the kit and starting this build, but I was really hoping to build the two practice tool boxes with my boys, as well as the Van’s lightbox on my own. Either way, I’m going to get those done before starting on the wing. I really want to give the workshop, my new tools, and myself a good running through before working on the plane.

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