air system build #2

Build Crew:



Today, while my baseball team, the Giants, depressingly lost to the Dodgers we started to mount the sub assemblies to the wall, and started running the pipes. First things first, I mounted the valve assembly I had built the day before, and attached it to the compressor. It was fun to charge up the compressor and hear no leaks on that assembly.

I then spent most of the of the evening putting up the air pipes. It was slow going but we got through most of the walls. One of the challenges was trying to get the pipes as straight as possible before mounting them with the clip system. I ended up unravelling the roll on the hangar floor, which got it semi straight, then worked the pipe visually until it was close. I got the mounting clips straight by snapping a line, and that guided the pipes correctly.

Jess helped with a little side project that I was avoiding of filling the corner with caulk. Since the crack was so large, we filled as much as possible with a foam backer before covering it with caulk. She did a pretty good job! I’ll need to paint that tomorrow (At least the upper section). By the way, don’t use a razor blade to cut the caulking! (Ask me how I know!)

Bonus Material!

Today I got in my email inbox a Bill of Lading for the shipment! OMG, this is actually happening…and probably in the next few days! I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot with the workshop so I should ready to go when the wing kit arrives this week. One thing I’m worried about is if the shipping company swung by Synergy Air to pick up my Empennage. It’ll be a bummer if that thing is still stuck up in Oregon. Well…I could probably work forever on the workshop, but it’s time to start wrapping it up, and getting ready for the actually build. The anticipation is starting to get to me!!

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