painting the workshop #3

Build Crew:



I got it done. This time around it was much quicker. With some early morning before work, and quick sessions after, I was able to knock out that small wall in a few days. This included mudding, taping, re-mudding, and painting. Especially now that I know how to do the masking portion, it was much quicker. This time I remembered to take photos of the masking work that is required to get such a straight line. Remember, the key is to “seal” the FrogTape with the color you want to protect.

Below is a gallery of progress photos. (At the top is the final product.) 

Next up, It’s time to start building the bench, Nico and I did a little clean up and inventory of spare wood that I have. Tomorrow we will start start the workbench build! Probably do all the cuts, and prep for piecing it together on Sunday. Woo Hoo! One step at a time…it’s starting to feel like I might be ready to go when the Wing kit arrives.

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