tool kit arrived

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My first big purchase since the empennage kit back in November last year has arrived! I went with an RV-8 tool kit from Cleaveland, and although it was quite a purchase, I figured I’m going to be using these for years, so might as well get the best! It felt like quite a small box to fit what I remember was a lot of stuff we needed when we worked up in Oregon.

An exciting day! Christmas in July!!

Turns out there were a few items back ordered…:(. Unfortunately two of those items (Pneumatic Squeezer and 3” yoke” make it pretty difficult to get anything done. I orders some Van’s toolboxes and light box, so hopefully things aren’t back ordered too long.

No problem! Nico and I got to work inventorying everything that did come.

Nico helping me with the inventory check

Most everything was clearly labeled and obvious to check off. The one exception was the flat squeeze sets. They were in a shared baggie and didn’t seem to fit the same quality as everything else. I was having a hard time identifying them as well. I sent off an email to Cleaveland. We’ll see what they say.

My sets block with maybe everything?

One step closer to the big delivery day! Next up I need to wrap up the electrical in the hangar, and put up wallboard to clean up the space a touch. Then it’s workbenches and lighting!

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