workshop improvements

Build Crew:



There is so much to do before the Wing kit comes in September. First things first, I need to get the workshop in order, and ensure there is good electrical to the hangar. The latter is going to require the help of my Father-In-Law, Dan, who is a general contractor who knows electrical well. We are going to work on that next weekend hopefully. The former I started on today. With my two boys, and one of my best friends, Sam, we built an 8’x12’ attic area to clear a lot of the floor space currently being taken up by items that don’t get much use.

It started with a cramped ride with all the material for the build. OMG wood is expensive right now! Because we had gone by the hangar and checked out the situation, we were able to get through Home Depot efficiently and pick up everything we needed.

Nico hanging out before we get started on the build

We had to shore up the hangar wall, and build out a ledger to hang the joists. After a few hours we had the joists up and started laying the plywood. The finished product is going to work great for clearing some space on the ground floor.

Hopefully we’ll be able to clear a bunch of space using the “attic” for store.

Next up I need to clean up the decades of dust that has accrued all over the hangar. (Sam and I may have inhaled some crazy toxic dust last night!) It will require clearing everything out of the hangar to avoid it looking like a nuclear apocalypse afterwards.

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