hangar 11 – workshop takes shape

Build Crew:



On May 1st I became a 1/3 sublessee to KPAO Hangar 11!! I share the hangar with 2 other plane enthusiasts, one who owns a Yak-50 used for Aerial Combat, and the other an RV builder who has an RV-9. He is also an EAA Technical Advisor! Nice to have in the hangar with me.

I’ve started to build up my plans for the workshop and have run into my first snag. The Hangar is so far away from the subpanel, that it appears I trip the circuit anytime I try running my new Air Compressor. Hopefully I can work with the airport to get this fixed, otherwise I might have some serious issues.

Not a bad view from the Workshop. I look forward to many hours here!

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