Aft Fuselage Part Prep and Assembly

Build Crew:


I’m not sure why Van’s calls the section “Aft Fuselage Assembly”. It felt more like additional parts prep, but no matter. Over a couple sessions I primed the bulkeads, prepped the aft fuselage parts, and riveted together parts that required riveting early on (hence the early priming). With the velocity final coming back next weekend, it appears this will be the last time I use my semi-permanent priming booth before I need that space back. I’d love to find a way to keep it up permanently, but for now it has served me well. 

After priming, It was time for assembly of the bulkheads. For now I am only instructed to rivet the lower sections of the bulkheads. One major piece of the F-812 work can’t be done due to a back ordered part, so I made do with what I had, and riveted as many of the assemblies as possible. All that remained was some prep work on the rear baggage area parts and some additional seat belt parts, and back into the priming booth!

Last piece before starting to assemble the rear tailcone was deburring and cleaning up the edges of the rear longerons and aft skins. After that I’m going to need a LOT of all sizes of clecos. Good news is I got my shipment of additional 1/8″ clecos, so ready for lots of assembly! Until then… Happy Building!

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