Fuselage Join!

Build Crew:



James came down for a full session Sunday morning. It was time to finalize the mid skin structures, and then we would join the Fwd and Mid fuselage structures! With the two of use, and the fact that the fuselage is mostly symmetrical about the logitudinal axis, James and I tackled one side each, which kept things moving.

Joining the fuselage structures is relatively straight forward. The most difficult part is getting the fwd skins cleco’d in. The structures don’t naturally sit aligned, so James and I had to lift the front structure to align with the holes. With a few clecos in, alignment stayed consistent. 

And that’s it! Fwd and Mid fuselage is joined and now awaits the tailcone. To make space for the tail cone assembly, James graciously offered a corner of his side to temporarily store the fuselage. Thanks James! Next up is tail cone prep and assembly. Until then… Happy Building!


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