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Where we left off on Sunday was needing the highly precise spacers for the center section. This will be used as a holding place for the space needed for the wing spar. If the space was too thin, that would obviously be a bit of a disaster! Since I’m not much of a precision woodworker, I talked with KC and he gave me some tips on where to go, and what to get. I headed down to Global Wood Source to find some hard wood. I ended up getting Maple as it was quite high on the hardness scale, but still reasonably affordable. 

I dropped off the wood at KCs, and he was generous enough to take the pieces down to his woodshop class to get the wood planed down. The wood was about 2″ thick, and I needed it at as close to 1.438 as possible (without going under). KC was able to get it SUPER close, at 1.439. 1/1000th tolerance should be fine. Thanks KC! Bringing it back to the hangar, the test fit was perfect, and I drilled out holes for the through bolts as instructed in the plans. I ordered some Boelube, as recommended, and applying that to the bolts helped get the very tight fit to work. Boelube is a little odd to work with as it appears as a dry waxy substance, so getting it to stick to the bolts took a little work. 

With the bolts in, it was time to final drill the fwd flange. As part of that step, there are 3 holes that are used only if rear rudder pedals are being installed. Since that is part of the plan, I drilled them out. What is awkward is that the holes are only on the lower flange, and so match drilling was a bit tough. After match drilling, I converted the holes into nut plate sizing.

After final drill and deburring, it was fairly simple nut plate installation and rivet squeezing. One note… there are instructions to leave certain holes open for the mid-cabin braces. I had to drill out some rivets to leave that room. 

And so the center section goes up on the shelf, and I now move on the the Seat Rib Assembly. only a few more assemblies before it’s time to join everything together! We’re cruising now!! Until next time… happy building!


  1. interesting process. Glad you always have friends to get you the hard parts. Nice work. On to the next step.

  2. Really enjoying the write ups and learning a lot for my build. You are moving along quickly now🙂

    1. Thanks Ade. I’ve definitely found it ebbs and flows. Right now I’m on an up swing… so back to the hangar I go!!

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