Fwd Fuselage Substructure

Build Crew:



With the LG Box Assembly complete it was time to wrap up the fwd fuselage substructure. It is a fun milestone because the firewall will get assembled to the forward floor assembly. First task was to prep all the remaining substructure parts. This included the baggage bulkheads and the baggage assembly parts. Mostly simple dimpling, deburring, and final shaping so nothing major to report. Paying close attention to what and how the dimples and machine countersinks are applied is important, but following the directions should bring good outcomes.

After prep was done, with my new Priming booth, a quick (2.5 hour) session and every thing was ready for final assembly!

On Sunday, Sam and I split our time between assembling the substructure and watching the Warriors game 4! Assembly required a few unique steps. As part of firewall assembly I applied a small layer of Proseal to the center section of the firewall. This is to prevent oil seepage from the engine compartment. In the pictures you’ll also notice that there are some clecos left. This is a combination of temporary nutplate attachment, and locations that are to be riveted later. 

Whoa! That looks like an airplane structure. Like one that someone could maybe sit in?? 

The completed Fwd Fuselage Substructure is a big step towards a full on Fuselage looking canoe! For now, it’ll go up on the shelf to await mid fuselage joining. Next up, we will start working on the center section. Until then….Happy Building!

It might be the last time the fuselage can fit on a shelf!


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