Gear Box Prep

There’s nothing better on an rainy Saturday morning to head into the hangar knowing you’ve got a full day of building ahead of you. With Jess and the boys up skiing for the day I was lucky enough to get one of those day and the outcome was great progress on assembly prep before my next priming session. With the focused time I was able to get through both the cooling ramp assembly and landing gear box assemblies. 

First up was the cooling ramp. This is a pretty basic assembly that will be used to direct air into the cabin (or maybe the engine? not sure yet) after trimming the large ramp with my metal cutters, some dimpling and deburring wrapped up that section.

Next was the landing gear box assemblies. This felt like one of those exciting assemblies where it really feels like you’re building a plane! Can’t fly without landing gear!! First things first… I had to find the parts. And with the organization of my shelves, it was not easy, but eventually got everything I needed!

ugh.... I need to organize this better.
found em!

Once all the pieces were identified, it was a typical assemble, final size drill, disassemble, deburr, dimple, countersink, repeat. Four hours later both left and right gear boxes were fully prepped.

With the landing gear boxes complete, it was time to disassemble all the various assemblies and do final prep for priming day. A bit of acetone, and a whole lot of elbow grease, and the parts are ready to go. Next session will be a priming day…until then, Happy Building!


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