Pushrods and Bellcranks

Build Crew:



The first of the two sessions was pretty special as it’s the first time my Dad was able to join in on some build time. We went to work finishing up the longer of the two pushrod sets.

Although we got through the work, I’m considering redoing it at some point. The tricky piece of the build is marking 6 evenly spaced holes around the pushrod. We tried a few different methods, and some results were better than others. Although the results will work, the better method would have been to layout some tape, mark it evenly, then apply it to the pushrod.

A few days later I had a chance to spend some time with a friend’s kid, Reef, who is extremely into all things aviation. It was perfect timing as I needed to start the assembly of the aileron bellcrank assembly. I was missing the size torque wrench I needed so we did initial assembly, and I’ll go back to finalize next session.

Next up I’ll need to do the bell crank on the right wing. It’ll be a little more complicated because the GSA 28 autopilot servo will be installed on that side. Looking forward to it. Until then, Happy building!


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