October Move and Aileron Pushrods

Build Crew:



October was an exciting month for our family. After 18 months of construction and 4 years since concept, we finally moved into our new home.

Unfortunately that meant very little time to build. I did manage to get a couple sessions in and get some momentum on the aileron pushrods. The task was not super difficult although there were a few spots that were tough. 

  1. Priming inside the tube – The instructions call for priming instead the pushrods. It describes putting primer inside, and swirling it around. I found that this was just a complete mess. I did my best, but in the end I don’t think the insides are primed. I think this is where a chemical process like Alodine (?) would be more effective.
  2. Drilling – drilling the tubes is quite difficult. The drill press bit wants to wander since the surface isn’t flat. To alleviate this we used a wood scrap clamped over the tube to act as a guide. Another challenge is getting the right locations for drilling. First pass I tried to do all sorts of measurements and calculations. Second pass I just used the full scale drawing the mark the locations. Much easier.
  3. rivet heads – finishing the rivet heads was a pain. For some reason I thought back riveting would be the way to do it, but really I should have squeezed from the beginning. Even the squeezer was not a perfect solution since it was twisting as I squeezed. In the end, the rivet heads weren’t perfect but will serve their purpose well.

Below are some photos of the activities along with some commentary of the challenges.

Next up I’ll need to finish up the larger push rods. The tubes are primed and I just need to rivet in the end pieces. Hopefully with the move done, I’ll be able to start getting more time in. Until then…..Happy Building!


  1. Congratulations. Not easy to find time. On to “completion “. It will be amazing seeing this part of the project completed

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