Main Skin Riveting Continued

Build Crew:


1.0’s just been a lot of riveting. Hannah, Chris, Jordan (first timer!), and Sam pitched in over three sessions to keep the momentum going on main skin riveting.’s a bit boring, but slowly but surely we are making progress. Below are some photos of the sessions. Lots of fun! But as you’ll read below…it came to a screeching halt tonight! (Spoiler damage or mistakes made!)

So all was going well, and then this happened! What’s wrong with this picture? That rivet set is supposed to be one piece. Not sure what happened but during what appeared to be normal riveting, it just snapped in my hand! It’s such a bummer as Sam and I were just started to get our groove on, having completed one rib, and working our way through the second. In reality, I can’t do much more with the main skin until this is done.

Since we had just gotten started, Sam and I decided to take advantage of the evening, and finish scarfing the right wing joints, priming the joints, and then cleco’d on the right main skins for the last time. I didn’t get many photos, but thanks Sam for the help!!

Joint scarfed!
Yes, that is Sam getting cleco's back in.

I’m sorta bummed that the main riveting is going to be on hold for a while, but I’m not going to let it stop me from making progress. If I don’t get a replacement back rivet set by the next session, maybe I’ll start working on the ailerons? Either way, until next session, Happy Building!!


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