Preparing Wing Ribs #2: Lightening Holes Debur

Build Crew:



Yup. That’s what a scotch-brite wheel looks like after 2 hours of lightening hole deburing. Fun fact: Lightening hole doesn’t have anything to do with lightening from thunderstorms, it is actually holes to lighten the weight of the piece. In areas where the material doesn’t help structurally, it makes sense to remove it to save the weight. Although each hole is probably a few grams, it adds up over hundreds of these types of holes. 

Tonight Jack and I spent the session deburring lightening holes using two techniques. First, I attached a 1″ scotch-brite wheel to an angle grinder. This made easy work of the inside of the hole (see video). Then Giacomo used a scotch-brite pad to finish off the sides of the edges as needed (which was not every hole). As you can see from the picture above, the deburring wheel got pretty beat up from the work, but the time saved is well worth it.

We successfully got through all the ribs in this session. Not much to report. Below are some highlight pictures. Next session I will run a scotch-brite through all the small notches.


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