Spars complete! Ribs here we come…

Build Crew:



First Page done! Today’s session was interesting. The first half was relatively straight forward completing various tasks on the main spars. I had to fix the left spar tie-down to include the W-822PP Aileron bell crank brackets, and then I finished up installing the right main spar tie-down. After torquing down the bolts, I put torque seal on, and wha la! Done!! By the way, you can see in the photo below, I’m pretty happy with the SEM rattle can primer. It seemed to work fine for a small batch.

Second half of the evening was a little more “wandering”. I re-read the new section 7-3 “Preparing the Wing Ribs” a couple of times, re-inventoried all the ribs, and then decided to do some practice work on a rib they sent which wasn’t for my aircraft (it was for an RV-10!). The basic steps required are deburr (flanges and lightening holes), bend the flanges to 90˚, and straighten the part. This required a lot of new tools I hadn’t used yet, but luckily I had most of them in the tool chest already.

Two great tangential highlights of the evening. Warriors beat the Lakers in the 4th quarter (Yes, I’m over baseball’s basketball season now!), and Thorsten paid a surprise visit and played around on the practice rib with me for a bit. Now that I’ve got some idea of what to do, I will start on the deburring task tomorrow. Lots of ribs!!


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