Assembling the Rear Spar #2: Prep for Prime

Between Giants Playoff games, some flying activities and bbq’s this weekend was shot. Shot from a building perspective, but not from a fun perspective. Although we lost the game, it was fun to go to Game 2 of NLDS Giants vs Dodgers with close friends (you’ll recognize Sam, one of the build crew). The next morning I headed out to Byron Airport (C83) to start my checkout to qualify as a tow pilot in a PA-25 Pawnee. As part of the that checkout, I needed to get some instruction in a glider itself. It was quite fun to see how the non-powered community operates.

I digress. I was able to get up this morning for a pre-dawn session. (It’s starting to get cold in the hangar!). It was a relatively straight forward activity of deburring all the parts for the rear wing spars in preparation for priming tomorrow evening. I also did the countersinking for the W-707F holes that require it. I decided to use the deburr tool to do it as it was only 8 holes, and I didn’t feel like setting up the countersink cage. Below are some picture highlights of the work.

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  1. You are really working on this “wing”. Congratulations. Glad you tried gliding.. it was uncle Sandro great passion.

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