power tool workbench

Build Crew:



Now that my two primary workbenches are complete, I want to build a smaller workbench with the left over material that will house some of the large power tools. More specifically the bandsaw and drill press. Sam and Giacomo were out to help out for a bit, and I stayed until I was just too tired. I’ll head out there tomorrow or Wednesday and wrap up that build. It is essentially the same as the more standard EAA workbenches, but smaller. I am adding some backing to anchor the tools as well as adding a second shelf right beneath the table top. This will hopefully house some drawers or other simple storage system.

I snuck in for a couple of hours this morning to finish off the build on my own. Of course when I got the 16 lag bolts from Home Debot, 1 of them was the wrong size (too small, and I had already drilled out for the larger lag bolt). It highlights the need to inventory and pay attention to everything that you buy. It is a good lesson for when the wing kit finally comes and I need to do a detailed inventory.

We’ll see if the layout works as I start to get into the build. I’m worried that larger pieces will not work with this tool layout. I’m open to making adjustments as necessary.

As I get closer to the wing kit arriving, I’m feeling more and more comfortable that I will be ready when it finally arrives. I’m planning on building another DRDT-2 specific table which is at the same height as the primary tables. I’ve also ordered all the parts necessary to plumb my air system. That’ll be a fun project and hopefully can be the last of the workshop setup tasks before I start the practice projects. 

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