drill press build

Build Crew:



Finally getting to the fun stuff! That drill press box that has been burning a hole in the corner of the workshop finally got built today. My main goal is to build out all the various table mounted tools to see what their footprints look like. I have enough wood to build a third smaller table that I’m thinking will be where all the larger power tools will be.

Nico took point on this build, and I supported with lifting muscle…:).

So I had never inserted an arbor and chuck into. drill press before. I didn’t secure it properly the first time, and the result was it falling out after I turned it on. Quick YouTube search found me this video. This was enough to get it fixed up, and we drilled our first hole!

Bonus Material!

Thanks to Alexander for getting me a Van’s calendar at Oshkosh this year. Although it’s not an RV-8 (;)), it’s good inspiration for build completion. I can’t wait to be out there next year!

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