Day 3 – Rudder and Horizontal Stab

Build Crew:



Today we really started to see progress. Jack and I finished the Horizontal Stabilizer while Jess and Nico completed the rudder.

Nico was a trooper helping clean up the stiffeners

Building with Jack has been a ton of fun. We learned a lot between mastering the drill out after a bad rivet, how to bend a trailing edge, and the amazing efficiency of a shearing machine (I don’t know if that’s the right name).

Not the last rivet I’ll have to drill out!
Taylor bending the trailing edge
This shearing machine worked wonders on the tons of stiffeners I had to cut.

We have started calling the rudder Nico’s rudder because he essentially back riveted all the stiffeners (with some help from Taylor of course) and helped squeeze all the perimeter rivets!

Taylor helping Nico master the back rivet
Pre-filling the rivets + rivet tape for the back rivet marathon!
ready for back riveting

We finished up the day with torque seal on the elevator bearing assembly and a celebratory photo with all the hard earned fruit of our labor!

Jack applying the torque seal (?)
Lots got completed today…feels good to start seeing the empennage come together

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