Synergy Air Fundamentals Course

Build Crew:



My son, Jack, and I went up to Eugene Oregon to take a “Fundamentals of Building” course with Synergy Air, a Builder Assist organization. We had a blast build the horizontal stabilizer practice kit. The course was great in that we got do to a little bit of everything. Cutting, deburring, drilling, dimpling, clecoing flush rivets, universal rivets, blind riveting, back riveting, double flush rivet, rolling edges, etc. We ended up with a nice momento as well, that is now sitting on Jack’s shelf. My dream is to build this plane with my boys, and if the class was any indication, Jack is definitely up for it!

Mandy was our guide throughout the full day course, and she was totally awesome! I’d highly recommend the course to anyone interested in seeing if building a plane is for them.

Learning to Dimple
learning to drill
Learning to back rivet

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