Fuselage Riveting Part 2

Build Crew:



With over 36 combined hours of work since the last post, there has been a lot of progress on the fuselage riveting. Believe it or not, we’re still not done! These past couple of weeks has been a fun coming together of the build crew to help get through a part of the build that just can’t be done easily by myself. Between the group there was over 15 hours of support as we slowly widdle down the number of rivets left to complete on the fuselage canoe. Jessica even snuck in a little riveting time!

To be honest the riveting was pretty straight forward with a lot of successful first rivets, and a handful of multiple drill outs required. Every so often the rivet size called out in the plans didn’t quite match up with the reality of my stackup, so I opted for the rivet that made more sense. Outside of that, there was just a whole lot of banging, squeezing, drilling, and checking. Below is a whole lot of pictures of rivets for posterity sake. Not much to say but to enjoy the work the crew completed!

Between graduation activities, and summer volleyball season ramping back up, it might be a bit until we can get more epic sessions going, but I’m excited about all the progress made this month. Up next will be wrapping up the bottom skin riveting, and then on to landing gear fitting!! Exciting stuff. Until then…. Happy Building!

Bonus Content - Nico Go Kart Update!

My plane isn’t the only project going on at the Hangar. Nico has been hard at work building his bespoke Buggy Go Kart. It’s been in limbo for a while, but with the great weather, and the parts finally delivered, Nico was able to get his Kart on wheels! A big milestone in the build. Check out the great photos and fun being had by all!

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  1. Congratulations on the skin work (wowwww). Go Nicco Go. Glad you both are having fun

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