Flaps – part 1

It’s become super clear to me that big milestones (like finishing the Ailerons) are always followed by a lull. Getting going on the next thing takes a while for me. To exasperate that tendency, the new Velocity plane is also vying for my attention. I plan on putting a post up on the Velocity adventures next, but this post is about the kickoff of the flaps. They are the last of the major assemblies I need to do for the wing kit, and as the plans state, they are the “easiest” of the surfaces to build. After staring cross-eyed at DWG-14 plans for a bit, I think I understand what I need to do, but made sure to do some test fitting before doing anything major. Below are some pics so far. 

I’ll be continuing on the Flap build this week, but we have a bit of a problem. The fuselage and the empennage from our build in Oregon are coming!!! Like…they are coming today! So there might be a bit of a detour to rearrange the workshop to fit the new parts, as well as take inventory. I have 30 days to do that, so I might defer the inventory check until this weekend. Until next time…. Happy Building!!!


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