what’s with the n-number N679PG?

Yes, I am a nerd, and have already reserved the n-number for an aircraft that is years away from flying. But in my long wait for the build to become an aircraft, I decided it would be fun to figure out what the aircraft would be named. I think there were 3 major considerations to the n-number. First, it needed to be something easy to say. Especially the last 3 characters. In all reality, I’m going to be saying this callsign for quite a few years after it is built….no need to make it a tongue twister. Although there are easier numbers than “niner” to say, you’ll see in reason three why it had to be 9. Second, I wanted it to look nice. All letters, or all numbers did not feel good to me. Grouping the numbers and letters together felt right. Last, and probably most important, I wanted it to represent the importance of those closest to me that allow me to do this project….my family. My wife, Jessica and my two boys Niccolo, and Giacomo.


N – yes I know it’s on every aircraft, but it is also nicely the initial for my youngest son Niccolo. He’s an avid car guy, knowing more about race cars than I can ever hope to know, but he also loves all things mechanical, and is excited to get his hands dirty in this build.

679 – or, another way, 6/79, June 1979. This is when Jessica was born. She’s the glue of the family, and has been so supportive of my aviation passion since the beginning. As an architect and artist, I look forward to her expertise as we get to the paint and interior scheme designs.

P – That’s me. Paolo. I gotta be in the name somewhere! If you want to hear my story, check out the about page.

G – Last, but not least, my oldest son Giacomo. We started this journey together partially to fulfill a school requirement of his 8th grade “passion project”. Not just a builder, Giacomo is also working on his license, already having built 19 hours in the Citabria. He sure can fly, and if he was 16, I’d sign him off for solo already!

Of course there are so many other important people in the journey of this aircraft. From my parents who have always supported my aviation passion, and my friends and extended family that show up to buck a rivet or two every once in a while, to the random readers of this blog that leave the encouraging comments that keep me going. But there are only so many spots in a callsign :).


So there you have it. N679PG.


Not rocket science, but a great way to remind me of the most important part of all this, and that’s spending time with my family and creating memories that will last for years.


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