Aileron Stiffener Fabrication

Build Crew:



Quick update here. I continued work on the Aileron Stiffeners, starting to use the scotchbrite wheel to clear up the rough cut edges. Sam joined up and took over to crank through nearly all of the stiffeners. We ran out of time before we were able to get it done.

Since the wheel is a one person job, I decided to mess around with the left wing and start adding the plumbing for wire conduit, pitot tube and aoa line. It was pretty straight forward although the conduit was quite tight. When I got to the inboard ribs, my hands were small enough to pull it through easily. Thankfully, Kacy stopped by and I put her to work getting the conduit through the last little bit.

Next Session will just be more stiffener work while I wait for the replacement rivet set to come. Until then….Happy Building!!


  1. Slow but steady progress. Hundreds of little tasks will add in the end. Keep up the Good work

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