Van’s toolbox practice kits #1

Build Crew:



Tonight was a fun night of baseball (Giant’s won!), yummy food, and kicking off the toolbox builds with the boys. Jack brought a friend, Isaac, along and we got to work. Everyone started off peeling the blue protection (which Jack describes as “oddly satisfying”) and de-burring all the edges (which required a refresher for the boys on the use of the grinder). After a quick demonstration all the boys were off and running.

Next, we did a dimpling session using a combination of the DRDT2 and the pneumatic squeezer. I was primarily playing support crew and safety officer, so the boys could do all the work. After dimpling Jack and Isaac riveted on the side walls of the toolbox using flush rivets and the pneumatic squeezer as well as some back riveting. Nico took a break and watched the rest of the game.

Overall a great night, and it was nice to see the boys remember the fun we have working with all the cool tools, and building something out of metal. It is likely that is the last session with the boys before I leave for the UAE, but it will be a great memory to take with me on my trip.

Bonus Workshop Material

As a quick side project, I mounted some wall mount lumber rack hangars to hang some of the longer components. We had it on the ground, and I was super happy with the level of protection that afforded. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I think it will do a good job keep the longer pieces protected.

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